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Chile currently has 25 double taxation treaties in effect with Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador,

Colombia, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Mexico, South Korea,

Croatia, Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal,

Switzerland, Thailand, Australia and Russia, and five that are in the process of being ratified

by Congress, with the United States, China, South Africa, Austria and Argentina. Most of these

treaties follow the OECD double taxation model.

Chile also collects Value-Added Tax (VAT) of 19% on the sale of goods and rendering of

services. Effective January 1, 2016, VAT will be assessable on the habitual purchase and sale

of real estate. However, the export of goods and rendering of certain services are exempt

from VAT and exporters domiciled in Chile may request a reimbursement from the Treasury

General of the Republic for VAT paid on the acquisition of goods and services required to

materialize their exports.

Chilean law assesses certain special taxes, among others, on some activities or goods, such

as a stamp tax on documents recording loan transactions, a tax on tobacco, on alcoholic and

non-alcoholic beverages, municipal taxes on commercial activities and services of taxpayers,

property tax on commercial and housing properties, an inheritance tax and a special mining


There are also certain special taxation regimes, such as the system in article 14-Ter for small

and mid-sized businesses and the tax on presumed income earned from engaging in mining,

transportation and agriculture.