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Our Experience


ara Del Favero, Attorneys-at-Law, was founded in

1939 by Manuel Jara Cristi, Ramón Jara Mujica

and Humberto Del Favero Comis. They developed

the firm and achieved great professional prestige that

enjoys until nowadays. They granted to the firm the

indelible values of reliability, dedication and success

in the practice of the legal profession.

A select group of lawyers has joined the firm over

the years and they adhere to the original values and

perpetuate the legacy of its founders to this day.

They brought with them a new drive consistent with

the evolution of our clients’ needs and the hectic law

developments in Chile. As a result, Jara Del Favero is

today a modern and effective multidisciplinary firm

comprised of more than 30 lawyers and professionals

whose main task is to provide comprehensive advice of

excellent to its clients.

The firm currently attends national and international

clients engaging in the most varied of businesses, such

as financial institutions, utilities,mining, infrastructure,

foods, forestry, agriculture, retail, wine-making, energy,

environment, technology, tourism and the government.

Our clients obtain an all-inclusive legal service for their

investments, negotiations, project consolidation, tax

and labor structuring, environmental advice, among

many other matters.

Jara Del Favero offers specialized attention to foreign

clients who wish to invest in Chile and to domestic

investors who wish to invest abroad, in collaboration

with their foreign legal advisors. The firm’s lawyers have

been educated in Chile and abroad in several areas

of the law and many speak different languages. The

firm is a member of the Alliance of Business Lawyers

(ABL), an international network that congregates law

firms of excellence from many countries in the world. It

also has established direct professional relations with

important law firms in many countries, such as:

Sullivan & Cromwell, Nueva York, U.S.A., White &

Case, Miami, U.S.A, Stikeman Elliot, Canadá, Arias,

Meurinne, Orendain y Rodríguez S.C., Mexico City,

México, Clifford Chance, London, United Kingdom,

Studio Legale Tributario Giontella, Rome & Milan, Italy,

Norton Rose Germany LLP, Hamburg, Germany, Marxer

& Partner, Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Macrossans Lawyers,

Australia, Bernadt Vutric, Potash & Getz, Cape Town,

Republic of South Africa, Madrona Hong Mazzuco

Brandão, São Paulo, Brazil, O’Farrell, Buenos Aires,

Argentina, Quattrini, Laprida & Asociados, Buenos

Aires, Argentina, Elbert, Forino y Vagedes, Buenos Aires,

Argentina, Hernández y Roselló, Lima, Perú, Berninzon,

Benavides, Vargas & Fernández Abogados, Lima, Perú,

Moreno Baldivieso, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Arias, Fabrega

& Fabrega, Panamá City, Panamá, Quijano y Asociados,

Panamá City, Panamá, Mourant du Feu & Jeune, St.

Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands