Javier Naranjo takes over as partner in JDF

After a year as director, Javier Naranjo Solano was appointed partner in charge of the Environment and Natural Resources area at JDF Abogados. His arrival has been marked by his important contribution and environmental vision to clients from various productive sectors that must incorporate this variable and its regulations to their daily work.

Javier has strongly promoted the area, achieving an outstanding growth and valuation at a transversal level. He has provided advice to mining projects, reports to the aquaculture and forestry industry, development and accompaniment to the real estate and infrastructure industry, among others, dealing with environmental assessment matters, litigation and proceedings before the Superintendence of the Environment.

"From my role as a partner in JDF, which I assume with great enthusiasm and responsibility, I will continue to insist on the importance of moving towards sustainable development. And for that it is essential to have a prepared and specialized legal team, capable of providing the appropriate tools in sustainable decisions that allow a sustainable development of the country", emphasized Javier Naranjo.

Former Minister and former Undersecretary of the Environment during the second government of Sebastián Piñera, Javier Naranjo has extensive experience in environmental and administrative law. With a Master's degree in Regulatory Law from the Catholic University, he also served as head of the Legal Division of the Environmental Evaluation Service, where he was also head of the Department of Litigation and Administrative Resources.

"The contribution of the private sector is key in the current discussion on normative and regulatory changes; this allows us to generate a comprehensive view of the State for the sake of growth and sustainable development of Chile. That is why our focus is on providing comprehensive legal advice that addresses legal matters from a strategic vision," he said.

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