Law systematizing economic and environmental offenses

On May 15, 2023, the Bill Bulletin No. 13204-07, merged with No. 13205-07, which systematizes economic crimes and attacks against the environment, modifies various legal bodies that typify crimes against the socioeconomic order, and adjusts the penalties applicable to all of them, passed its third constitutional procedure, being sent for the promulgation of the President of the Republic, without prejudice that it must be reviewed by the Constitutional Court (since it contains norms of Constitutional Organic Law).

Title IV of the Bill incorporates a new Paragraph XIII of the Sixth Title of the Second Book of the Criminal Code on "Attempts against the Environment", incorporating criminal offenses associated with the components of the environment, i.e., with respect to water, air, soil, flora and fauna.

Likewise, it incorporates crimes in the context of Law No. 20,417, specifically in its second article that establishes the Organic Law of the Superintendence of the Environment, with new articles 37 bis and ter.

Should you require additional information on this matter, please contact Javier Naranjo, and Martín Esser,

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