Concessions and public procurement

Our firm provides expert and multidisciplinary guidance to our clients in the development, implementation and operation of public works concessions related to infrastructure (ports, airports, and highways, among others), sanitation, electricity and transmission, aquaculture and maritime concessions, as well as public procurement projects.


Design, financing, acquisition and sale of infrastructure projects.
Support in the participation of bidding processes, presentation of bids, preparation and negotiation of contracts for the construction of works in its various stages and in the execution and development of such works.
Review of administrative and technical terms in public and private bidding processes, procurement processes without conducting a tender due to the fulfillment of the necessary requirements, the acquisition of goods or services through Chilecompra's electronic catalog and in accordance with a master agreement, and other contracting modalities.
Preparation of consultations to the bidding entity aimed at the clarification, rectification, broadening or restriction of the provisions of the administrative and technical terms or the terms of reference.
Analysis and review of our clients' bids and their amendments.
Analysis of the bids presented by our clients' competitors in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of the bidding process and the laws and regulations in effect.
Challenging awards through administrative or other appropriate appeals, in order to safeguard the principles and rules governing the process.
Analysis and review of administrative supply and/or services agreements entered into with the bidding entity.
Interaction with the authority, through the channels provided for this purpose, in order to report on relevant issues arising from the public procurement procedure.
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