In the field of data protection, we assist in the implementation of models that prevent breaches of applicable regulations. We also support the design of models that ensure data protection and provide advice to internal data delegates or data managers. Additionally, we offer legal representation to those who wish to exercise their rights in relation to the protection of their personal information, freedom of expression, and private life in social networks or media.


Advisory services regarding data protection regulations.
Support in the development and implementation of a culture of privacy compliance (prevention models).
Support in the implementation of cybersecurity for regulated markets.
Support regarding electronic signatures.
Legal representation of those who believe their rights to freedom of expression, privacy and personal data have been violated.
Support in the digitalization of companies or start-ups.
Preparation of terms and conditions and privacy policies.
Implementation of new technologies.
Advisory services in advertising matters.
Representation before financial institutions in case of computer fraud.

JDF Area Team

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