Consumer Protection

Our firm offers guidance to clients of the telecommunications, retailreal estate, food, education, and pharmaceutical industries, among others, regarding matters related to consumer relationships, focusing on ongoing changes and updates to the Consumer Rights Protection Law No. 19,496.


Structure and implementation of processes related to consumer product liability and safety (recall).
Structure and implementation of distance contracting and e-commerce business models.
Review, preparation and modification of all types of standard form agreements and clauses that may be considered abusive.
Review, preparation and modification of terms and conditions for e-commerce.
Preventive analysis of product and service advertising and product labeling, in accordance with Law No. 19,496, special regulations and self-regulatory codes.
Review, drafting and modification of promotional terms.
Advisory services and legal defense in individual and collective lawsuits, and proceedings in connection with diffuse interests.
Advisory and representation services in voluntary procedures and collective mediations.
Response to claims made through the Chilean Consumer Protection Agency.
Adoption and implementation of compliance plans regarding consumer rights protection regulations.
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