Javier Naranjo Invited to Colloquium at UCSC

In his capacity as former Minister of the Environment, our partner Javier Naranjo was invited by the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción to speak at the colloquium "Sustainability at the University," which marked the launch of the university's Sustainability Policy. The event was moderated by Dr. Lorena Retamal, head of UCSC's Office of Institutional Relations and Outreach, and also featured Dr. Ricardo Barra, director of the Eula Center, and Sebastián Retamal Rivas from the student organization Sintiencia Simbiótica.
La instancia fue moderada por la titular de la Dirección de Relaciones Institucionales y Vinculación UCSC, Dra. Lorena Retamal, y contó también con la participación del director del Centro Eula, Dr. Ricardo Barra; y Sebastián Retamal Rivas, de la organización estudiantil Sintiencia Simbiótica.
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