Our team specializes in the design and implementation of appropriate structures for businesses, developing strategies and solutions aimed at maximizing resources through an optimal legal organization. We prepare reports on the tax implications of various acts performed or agreements entered into by taxpayers and we guide our clients in their international operations, working with tax experts from different jurisdictions.


Legal advice on planning, design and execution of reorganization processes and tax structuring of individuals, companies and economic groups, as well as on the determination of the best legal structure for organizing a person's assets and estate planning.
Study and analysis of possible tax contingencies, tax compliance planning and design of efficient compliance guidelines and structures for different business models.
Legal advice on financing, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions of companies, due diligence processes, and execution of projects of national and international companies.
Processing of, legal advice and defense in, different auditing processes that may be developed before the tax authority, tax and customs courts and higher courts.

National Congress Approves New "Substitute Tax"

Con fecha 15 de mayo de 2024, el Congreso Nacional aprobó un nuevo “Impuesto Sustitutivo” de tasa 12% y 30%, según el régimen de tributación del contribuyente, en el marco de la aprobación del proyecto de ley que crea el Fondo de Emergencia Transitorio por Incendios, el cual todavía debe ser aprobado por el Presidente de la […]

Jara Del Favero achieves the first favorable court ruling since the Luxury Tax came into effect, which addresses the "indispensability" of the luxury good subject to taxation, in this case, an aircraft used for agricultural-livestock business operations.

Con fecha 27 de abril de 2024, el Tribunal Tributario y Aduanero de Los Lagos acogió un reclamo tributario presentado por el socio y por el abogado senior del área Tributaria de Jara Del Favero Abogados, Rafael Valdivieso y Martín Hudson, respectivamente, declarando exento del impuesto al lujo una aeronave de propiedad de un empresario […]

Tax Talk

"The International Double Taxation, US-Chile DTA, and 2024 Tax Reform" was the lecture delivered today by Rafael Valdivieso and Martín Hudson to Alcalá Inversiones's clients, covering general aspects and areas of application, among others.

Rafael Valdivieso is recognized in Chambers and Partners' Global Guide 2024

Felicitamos a nuestro socio Rafael Valdivieso por ser reconocido nuevamente en Chambers and Partner, esta vez en Global Guide 2024 en el área Tributaria. Destacamos el liderazgo de Rafael con su excelente equipo formado por Martín Hudson, Trinidad Fonck, Diego Veszpremy, Nicolás Donoso y Antonia Franken, y el respaldo y confianza de cada uno de […]

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